Sanctuary North

Sanctuary North is seeking to join God’s renewal in all things in the neighborhoods of Smith Hill, Elmhurst, Mount Pleasant, Olneyville, Wanskuck and Valley in Providence, RI. We are passionate about embracing our ethnic identity and diversity, serving local families, and being a loving presence in our neighborhood.

The North End is a diverse collection of neighborhoods including Charles, Wanskuck, Manton, Elmhurst, Olneyville, Valley, and Mount Pleasant. This North End of Providence has become one of the most diverse regions in the city led by a large Latino population. This area is host to some of the most stable, transient, and at-risk neighborhoods in Providence as well as being home to two major universities. These dynamics represent a fascinating intersection of people seeking to flourish in the city. 

Led by Pastor Rick and his wife Virginia, Sanctuary North is dedicated to building a community of faith that breaks down existing cultural and economic barriers. It is our hope and prayer that this parish can continue to be a place of celebration, reconciliation, and peace that will serve the North End with the love of Jesus.

Rick was born and raised in Michigan, where he met Virginia while doing mission work in Guatemala.  Virginia was born in Guatemala, but grew up in Providence. They were married in Providence, and soon returned to Guatemala to direct an orphanage.

In 2015, they moved back to Providence after doing student ministry for 9 years in Connecticut. Both have a vision and passion to love and empower a multiethnic faith community that represents the beautiful people of Providence.

Rick and Virginia, along with their children Wesley, Maria, Lucas, and Richard, live in the neighborhood and love being a part of the community and serving in neighborhood organizations, such as the PTA at Robert F. Kennedy.